The Association is a point of reference for people with achondroplasia and their families .

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Every day The volunteers of the Achondroplasia Together to Grow Onlus is committed to improve the life of each child or adult with achondroplasia.

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welcome project


The "Welcoming Project", and is a free service of welcome hospital and psychological support and information for all families with achondroplasia who adhere to the facilities that have implemented an agreement with our Association.


The hospital facilities where it is active the "Welcoming Project" and the names of our contacts and psychologists are:


- Rome : Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesu', the offices of St. Onofrio, St. Paul and Palidoro.

Contact for the Project, and' the President Nadia Pivato

(cell. 3276924684)

The partly psychological and is curated by Dr. Paul Guaramonti


To book an interview during the hospitalization or DH vs child , you can send an email to:



- Milan: ASST Pine-CTO , and the Hospital Galeazzi

The association operates within the structure ASST PINES c/o the Space Fanny Pad. Accounting), the department and the clinic AFE.

Contact for the project, and Ms. Mariangela Rough .

The part psychological and' in care of D. ssa Sara Intini.

For an appointment and/or a private conversation you can send an email to:




The project, in collaboration with the FISPES (Italian Federation of Paralympic Sports and Experimental),recruit people with achondroplasia, and the start sector launches, the only sector that has a competitive discipline dedicated to looking into it and spoke on this program matches of the World Para Athletics (Paralympics, World, European).

Anyone interested to start a path of training , you can contact us at the e-mail :



At the house of Gianfranco

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